Florida Homeowner Representation

An owner’s representative is exactly what it sounds like, a representative of the owner of a construction project. However, the duties of an owner’s representative are not quite so simply stated.

The owner of a project is mostly interested in the final product of construction. The owner will occupy the building, and make use of it once it is complete.  However, many Homeowners are disadvantaged when it comes to dealing with a general contractor and the construction of their project, as construction is typically not part of their daily lives.  This creates the need for a skilled construction management professional which will protect the interests of the owner. I would strongly advise any Homeowner to keep their design professional, such as their architect, involved throughout the construction process. However, in order to properly represent the owner’s interests on an ongoing basis during the duration of their project a Homeowner’s best resource to monitor the progress and performance of their Contractor is another Certified General Contractor. I’m aware of at least one instance where two highly qualified professional engineers were defrauded by an unscrupulous contractor. If this happened to a trained professional it can happen to anybody.

In today’s economy, there are many homeowners who have a desire to manage their own construction project to avoid the expense of hiring a GC or full service construction company to handle their project.  Perhaps you have some construction experience and a flexible schedule enabling you to take on and manage your own project.  We recognize there are many homeowners savvy enough to do this – but may need some help and expertise along the way. An owner has many responsibilities during the course of a construction project.  The design must meet the owner’s needs for both function and aesthetic appeal, bids must be solicited, change orders need to be analyzed and approved, and the budget must be managed, as well as general management of the various contractors and design professionals involved in the project.

KCMI, acting as your representative will guide you every step of the way, from organizing the bidding and recommending a general contractor, all the way through owner move-in.  This will keep your budget in check, and provide maximum protection from contractor default and litigation. Not having the proper guidance and making uninformed decisions can have disastrous results both financially as well as potential impact to your home.  Some of the problems that could arise:

  • Improper sequencing or specifications which can lead to re-work – can be costly and negatively impact quality

  • Substandard workmanship

  • Overpaying for subs or materials

  • General lack of knowledge and familiarity with standard construction techniques and methods – this one area can lead to re-work, or may just result in quality issues down the road.

  • Not aware of current and applicable building codes

  • Building officials often instruct “do-it-yourself” homeowners to rip out completed work that does not meet code.

  • Improper budgeting and planning can lead to lack of sufficient funds to complete the project.

I’ve listed just a few of the pitfalls that a Homeowner may encounter during the course of a project. These are all issues I’ve been called in to deal with by Owners on projects. Unfortunately, there are literally thousands more issues that can arise on your project. The State of Florida has established a Construction Industry Licensing Board under the auspices of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation that deals with consumer complaints against contractors. This Board deals with hundreds of complaints against contractors during the course of their monthly meetings. If you look at the minutes of their past meetings you will see the variety of ways a consumer can be harmed.  Having a trusted advisor to rely on as you navigate your project could save you from significant unnecessary expense, many headaches and potential future problems.

To that end we are able to provide a variety of services to assist homeowners in their endeavor.  The level of involvement is completely up to you.  Some of the services we offer include:

  • Preliminary site review and project assessment / feasibility

  • Investigate and research town by-laws, zoning board review for setbacks and other lot requirements, conservations issues, etc.

  • Facilitate with development of plans and construction documents

  • Project specifications / Scope of Work development

  • Assistance with Finish Schedule and Product Selections process

  • Budgeting and cost estimating

  • Assistance with bidding process

  • Obtain, analyze and present bids from Subcontractors and Vendors

  • Review for compliance with current building code(s)

  • Project scheduling

  • Obtain and coordinate site engineering, surveying, septic plans, etc.

  • Assistance with Permitting

  • Assistance with Special Permitting and/or Variances

  • Material take-offs / Material ordering

  • Subcontractor coordination and administration

  • On-site reviews for quality assurance, proper sequencing, proper construction methods and techniques

  • Problem Solving and/or Conflict Resolution

  • Safety inspections and compliance

  • Coordination of inspections with building officials

  • Review and approval of payment disbursements for subs and vendors

  • Punchlist development

Fees are typically billed hourly or flat fee commensurate with the scope of work and level of involvement. Call or Email us for a free consultation.