Commercial Owner’s Representation

KCMI has hands-on experience with the real estate development process encompassing entitlement procurement, design, construction buy-out, project management, and close-out. Our goal is to help you bring your project in within budget, on time, and limit your exposure to the risks inherent in real estate development and construction.

Our Pre-Construction Services include analyzing and evaluating: the construction delivery process; retaining of designers, consultants and constructors; project management; bonding; construction budgets; schedules, and contract documents to assess project feasibility. We also have the ability to assist your legal counsel with drafting provisions of design or construction agreements.


Review of Agreements
We assist with identifying, qualifying, selecting, and retaining the required resources to build the project team. We will assist with the drafting of the partnership, design, construction, and construction loan agreements to make sure that you are protected for matters regarding change order review and approval; funding of stored materials, general conditions, fees and ongoing contract administration roles of the design team.

Budget Analysis
We provide a review of the project’s costs through comparisons with the Project Plans and Specifications to insure that a realistic pricing process is achieved.

Review of Drawings and Specifications
We will provide an analysis for completeness and compliance with accepted design practices and the goals and objectives originally established by the client, including schedule.

Project Management Issues

  • Bonding and insurance requirements
  • Site safety and security
  • Dispute resolution
  • Scope of general conditions
  • Adequacy of contingency budget
  • Contract allowances
  • Payment requisition review and disbursement procedures
  • Change order approval process
  • Claims prevention
  • Designer certification and acceptance
  • Sharing of GMP savings, etc.

Environmental Assessment
We review the Environmental Site Assessment report for adequacy and assist the client to determine whether any further testing or research is warranted.

Quality Assurance
We will review the contractor’s and design teams quality control programs to determine if the programs will insure the Project will be constructed to the clients satisfaction.

Project Schedule Review
We will review the proposed durations of governmental permitting, design, and construction to determine if the construction schedule desired is achievable. We will determine whether the contractor’s schedule is realistic and attainable.

Value Engineering
We will evaluate cost reduction proposals to determine their impact not only on costs, but to determine conformance with clients objectives.

Review of Tenant Work Letters
We review the tenant work letter to determine if it equates to the landlord’s tenant allowance offer and how change orders will be managed.

Construction Phase

We will serve as your representative during construction. Our status reports clearly inform on project management and conformance to budgets, scheduling, contract drawings and specifications, and quality standards.

Owners Representation at Meetings
Design review, value engineering work sessions, and project meetings with design team, contractor and subcontractors.Compliance of the Work with Contract DocumentsMonitoring ongoing construction to insure compliance with the approved drawings, specifications, and desired levels of quality.

Review of the Construction Schedule and Budget
We review the construction schedule and budget against actual progress of the trades to assure that the project will be completed on time and within budgetary requirements or to advise you of schedule overruns that could impact delivery and holding costs such as financing and general conditions.

Contractor and Designer Payment Requisition Review
Certification of work-in-place, and review of on and off-site stored materials. Review of architect and/or engineers’ invoices for compliance with design agreements and appropriateness of any additional fees.

Change Order Analysis
We review all change order requests to determine if the proposed change is warranted and in the clients best interest. Should the proposed change be determined to be in the clients best interest a further review will be conducted to determine if the costs are commensurate with the value added or deducted.

Project Close-out and Acceptance

Upon completion of your project, KCMI offers closeout and acceptance services including the review of the following documentation:

  • Substantial Completion
  • Punch Lists
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Designers’ Affidavits
  • Waivers-of-Lien
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Hold Backs and Release of Retainage

Tenant Representation
Review of drawings, landlord improvement budgets, change orders, punch lists, and acceptance of work.